Passionate about art and personalisation!

Hi all!
I'm Kate, born in 1984 in Scotland, currently living in Lincolnshire.
I've always been passionate about art. Ever since I was tiny I wanted to be an artist.
Katezart kicked off properly in October 2011. My mum had bought me a tea for one set, and I looked at it and thought "I could do that".
So the paints were bought, and some truly awful pieces were created!.
It took a good year to get orders , and from then on it grew.
I did own my own shop for two years in sleaford, but alas, it wasn't to be.
I'm now working full time, and trying to Love every minute!
It’s grown so much, and I’m really excited by it.
If you need something that’s bespoke, or just a bit gorgeous, then please get in touch

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